“My problems with my feet started during lockdown due to wearing wellingtons for an extended period whilst renovating our garden.


With no arch support this caused excruciating plantar fasciitis in both feet. As the plantar fasciitis got more painful, some days I was hardly able to walk or bear weight on my feet for most of the day. This was incredibly frustrating as I am normally a very active person, with 2 dog walks a day and 30 minutes on the treadmill. Even basic tasks such as making a cup of coffee or standing to do the ironing were difficult due to the pain. 

I tried all the recommended exercises, but they had little effect. A member of staff in the local butchers shop told me about Strive as she had lots of problems with her feet too.

The 1st pair arrived just before we went abroad on holiday, so I packed them hoping they would be comfortable. What a difference they made, I was able to walk all day up and down hill with virtually no pain, they were very comfortable and did not slip around when my feet were warm.

The difference this has made to my quality of life is a huge relief, as I now don't worry that I am limited to how much walking I can do.

My feet are not completely better but the Strive sandals and shoes I now wear make a massive difference to my day to day mobility. I would highly recommend anyone with plantar fasciitis to try Strive shoes and have recommend them to friends struggling with foot pain.”