When you put on a pair of Strive supportive shoes for the first time you will notice how different they feel and in some sense, unusual. This is completely normal and a good thing.

We’ve been so used to wearing classic flat footbeds for so long that when we start wearing the contoured footbed of Strives, it can feel rather strange…to begin with.

You see, our footbed (with Biomechanical Footbed Technology) takes the natural shape of a foot so when you wear Strives they help guide and maintain your foot in an optimum position.

This helps you benefit from all the healthy goodness that Strives can bring and once you’re used to this new found feeling, you’ll also find a whole new level of blissful comfort.

Like with any new pair of shoes they need to be worn in, so we always recommend a 3-day wearing in process. One hour on the first day, two hours on the second and three hours on the third.

If you’ve not yet tried on a pair of Strives then you’re in for a treat. When we say they feel different, we do actually mean…different.

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