It's no secret that the key to Strive's unrivaled comfort is the carefully designed contours of our footbeds (Biomechanical Footbed Technology). The heel cup, arch profile and forefoot support are all specifically engineered to offer your feet optimal comfort and support.

We've mentioned previously that it's pretty pointless having a 2 dimensional flat footbed when the soles of our feet are 3 dimensional and contoured, especially when it comes to your arch profile.


The shape of our arches vary from person to person. Some of us have high arches, some of us have low arches. It's not the flatness of your arches which can cause problems, it's the rate at which your foot rolls in. Check out Usain Bolt's feet..... they are very flat but that doesn't stop him being the fastest human in the world!!


The arch of the foot is a complex structure made up of an intricate mix of bones, muscles and ligaments. These all work together to allow the arch to contract and relax as we walk. As our foot strikes the ground, the arch lowers and these bones, muscles and ligaments become more loose and adaptive to cope with different terrains. This also acts as a natural shock absorber. As we push off to take our next step, the arch lifts up and becomes stiffer so that the foot can support our body weight and propel us forward. All of this takes place with every step, but the timing has to be right..... if not, it's a bit like a car with unbalanced tyres.... eventually wear and tear occurs as a result.


Current studies suggest that a shoe or sandal with an arch support in the correct place can help to control the rate at which the foot rolls in. The latest research is also finding that "comfort" is key! This is probably because supporting the foot in its optimum position allows it to function naturally and in sync with the rest of your body.

Remember: comfortable feet are essential for great wellbeing!