The determination of Allison to maintain an active and fulfilling life on her feet is inspiring, even plantar fasciitis can’t stop her.


Set on a quaint farm in East Sussex lives Allison with her husband and their three dogs. It’s here where Allison runs Watershed Studio - a place where painting and craft courses take place as well as garden parties, afternoon teas, celebration events, yoga retreats and even funeral wakes.

Allison spends most of her time on her feet organizing the events and managing all the catering with a small team. But after developing plantar fasciitis last year, maintaining her busy lifestyle came seriously into question.

Allison Bond Strive Footwear plantar fasciitis

This was devastating for Allison, because on top of running her own business, she also walked long distance in her spare time, took part in local community charity events, sung in her local choir and played an active part in the lives of her 5 young grandchildren.

She was determined to find something to help her carry on as she wasn’t willing to give anything up. She explained: “It came as quite a shock when I’d developed plantar fasciitis. I feel very blessed to have the life I do, so now, getting my feet right is the most important thing to me.  I was willing to try anything to keep the pain at bay and continue living the way I do.”

“I had tried all sorts of things and all different types of footwear, but nothing seemed to work. Then a walking friend of mine introduced me to Strive footwear so I decided to give them a try.”

“At first I noticed the arch support in the footbed. It felt different to all the other shoes I’d tried before but after wearing them in for a few days I soon got used to them and now the pain in my feet has dramatically reduced. They were excellent and I couldn’t wait to get back into my walking.”

Allison Bond strive footwear plantar fasciitis

Allison is part of a walking group who venture the lengths and breadths of some of the UK’s most popular nature trails. Each year they aim to walk at least one long distance trail and have also conquered the Three Peaks.

“I’ve been part of my walking group for around 14 years, but it became very difficult for me to take part in some of the long-distance trails. However, since wearing Strive footwear, I’ve been able to get back into it, recently walking the Shropshire Hills and Scotland’s West Highland Way.”

Allison continued: “Practically all my shoes are Strive now or are used with the Strive insole. They really have helped.”

In addition to wearing Strive, Allison has also changed her diet cutting out things like caffeine, alcohol, sugar and is almost gluten-free. Regular stretching and exercises are also part of her regime to help manage her plantar fasciitis.

Since discovering Strive footwear, Allison continues to run her business at Watershed Studio with bookings now being taken for 2020, as well as continuing all the activities she was doing before her plantar fasciitis struck.

“I can’t recommend Strive footwear enough,” she added. “Now that my feet are in the right position, along with my diet and exercises, life is well and truly back on track!

Allison Bond Strive Footwear plantar fasciitis