Many of us at some point in our lives have experienced the horrible aching pain under the balls of our feet when we’ve been walking for long periods of time, particularly after wearing higher heels or thin-soled shoes like flip-flops.

But why is this?

Well, the bones which make up your forefoot are called the metatarsals. They form a gradual shallow “transverse arch” which can effectively bottom out if unsupported or overloaded leading to common problems and pain in this area. Medical professionals often refer to pain under the ball of the foot as “metatarsalgia” which basically means “metatarsal pain”. Metatarsalgia can occur for many reasons ranging from simple hard skin (or callus) through to something more serious like a stress fracture to one of the metatarsals.

How can it be treated and prevented?

Unlike high heels and flat, thin-soled shoes that don’t support the natural contours of your feet, every pair of Strive footwear incorporate a “metatarsal support” in the footbed. This helps to maintain your natural forefoot arch and spread any high pressure areas over a wider area. This means that the integral structure of your forefoot is held in its optimum position, helping to prevent the stresses and strains that can lead to pain.

The best advice if you suffer with pain under the balls of your feet is to walk in good supportive footwear for the majority of the time and keep the party shoes to a minimum. If pain persists, visit a Podiatrist for a more specific diagnosis and treatment plan.

There are some simple exercises which you can do at home to give your feet a mini workout;

Try this: Grip a thin towel or a pen with your toes & lift your arch up at the same time. Hold this for 5 to 10 seconds & repeat 10 to 20 times once a day.

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