We’ve all heard of ‘beach body confidence’, especially as we’re getting ready for our summer holidays. We’ve seen the tips and tricks for healthy eating, skincare, haircare and fashion styling, but what about when it comes to getting healthy holiday feet? As much as our bodies are on show in hot climates, so are our tootsies - and what better way to get them in tip top shape for your holiday than by following these 6 simple steps:



If your feet are a little worse for wear, starting with a trip to see a Podiatrist is well worth it. A good HCPC registered Podiatrist will treat any existing foot problems you may have and give you advice accordingly.



Invest in a good pair of quality nail clippers and follow the contour of the nail when you trim. Never dig down the sides of the nail as this can cause in grown toenails.



Nothing looks worse in a pair of stylish new sandals than dry cracked heels! There are plenty of gadgets out there but in most cases a simple heel file will keep hard skin at bay. Just rub away gently twice a week and apply moisturiser regularly. For more stubborn heels, rub in a good portion of Vaseline after a bedtime bath (while the skin is still soft) then wear a pair of cotton socks to bed so that it soaks into your feet.



If sweaty or odorous feet are causing you problems, it’s important to wash your feet morning and evening with an antibacterial wash or a drop of Tea Tree oil. Make sure you dry them thoroughly, especially between the toes. If your shoes smell, pop them in a plastic bag & freeze them for 24 hours – this helps to kill the bacteria which causes the odour. Regularly alternating your footwear will also help.



1 in 3 of us are likely to pick up some sort of fungal infection on our skin or nails over the summer. These can be picked up from communal swim pools and gyms, your garden or even just your shoes. There are some great over-the-counter sprays and creams to deal with these, but don’t leave it too long before treating them. For more stubborn infections, see your Podiatrist or a Pharmacist.



Flip flops aren’t great for your feet, but they are a summer essential! When looking to buy, look for a style which has thicker soles, a contoured foot bed to support your feet and a thicker strap to hold the foot in place. Strive Sandals are an excellent example.