Brenda is an artist, specializing in hand-made art cards. Her story is what inspires us here at Strive.

“I have arthritis and my toes started to bend over. I also had a bunion forming and was concerned about my big toe crossing over onto the other toes.  I wasn't in any pain but with the toes bending over, the joint of my toe started rubbing on my shoes.

At first, I just bought a pair of cheap flip flops but they were flat and made me stoop and walk badly. I then saw the Capri sandals on a shopping channel and noticed how well built up the soles were. I have a high instep, and this appeared to be exactly what I needed.

I had tried all sorts of shoes and sandals and wasted a lot of money buying shoes that didn't help in any way and I was becoming concerned that I might never be able to go out again. I really tried everything and although on a pension I decided it might be worth trying a pair of the Strive Capri last desperate attempt to enable me to leave the house and walk normally again.

The sandals arrived very quickly, and I confess they felt a little bit strange at first because my past experience of toe post sandals was one where my toes rubbed badly. 

However, from the moment I put my Capri sandals on, I felt like I was walking on velvet or cotton wool. Not only that but the toe post was thinner and caused no chafing at all. 

The arches of my feet were fully supported which also made me walk more upright. I had started to stoop and walk badly but these sandals correct this problem.

I hadn't been out for months, but I ventured into town, walked around and then walked over a mile to a friend's house...I cannot tell you what pleasure that gave me. I got my life back.

These really are the most comfortable sandals that I have ever bought or worn and although not a cheap item they are worth every penny. In fact, I only took them off to go to bed and even when the weather got a bit colder, I bought a pack of Toe post socks, so that I could continue to wear my beautiful Capri sandals.

I recommend them to everyone.”